Pandora FMS: Setting Up Email Alerts

Mostly because of my stubborness in not reading the manual (RTFM…), it took a bit to figure out how to get emails working. I’m going to assume the Pandora host machine has postfix setup correctly, if not, follow this setup on Pandora’s documentation.


  1. Create an action
  2. Create an alert

Steps to Follow

Here’s the quick and dirty on getting email alerts setup:

  1. Go to Administration on the left Nav bar and click on Manage Alerts, then Actions.
  2. Then click Create on the right
    PandoraFMS Alerts 1
  3. Next, we need to configure out action:
    1. Create a name like Mail to Me
    2. Specify a group (or set it to all)
    3. Set command to eMail
    4. Command Preview = Internal Type
    5. Destination Address = your email address
    6. Subject = [PANDORA] Alert from agent _agent_ on module _module_PandoraFMS Alert Email 2
  4. After that we’ll need to go back to Manage Alerts and create a new Alert.PandoraFMS Alerts 4
  5. Choose the agent you want to apply the alert to.
  6. Select the module that you’d like to trigger the alert (e.g. Free Memory)
  7. Select Template (I chose Critical Condition)
  8. Actions = Choose your action you created above (Mail to Ryan).
  9. Number of Alerts to Match
    1. I set mine to 0 to 1 so that 0 being the first time it happens, it will trigger an alert, and will do so only once. You could set it at 10-20 which would be it needing to be critical 10 times before it triggers an alert then will do it for the next 10.
  10. Threshold of time before it triggers the alert.
  11. Press Add Alert and you’re done.

Testing the Alert

  1. Go to Agent Details and select your agent that you created an alert for.
  2. Scroll to the bottom and you should see something like this:PandoraFMS Alert5
  3. Press the green circle to force the alert to be sent.
  4. Check your inbox, and you should have something like this:Pandora EMail

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