Pandora FMS: Create an Alert for a Non-Responding Agent (Monitor Downtime)

Assuming you’ve setup email alerts, one of the first things I wanted to monitor was if my agent was no longer updating.

To do this:

  1. On the left Nav bar, go to Administration->Manage Monitoring->Manage Agents.
  2. Find your agent, and click the link for Modules below the agent name.Agent
  3. At the top, press create (leave it on the default “Create a new data server module”Screenshot from 2014-11-19 21:53:20
  4. Most of this can be left at default settings, just call the module what you’d like (e.g. MyKeepAlive) and choose the Type as KeepAlive then press save.
  5. Now that we have a module to monitor the status of the agent, we can create an alert for it.
  6. Follow these steps and choose MyKeepAlive as the module name with a status of Critical and you’ll get an email when the agent is no longer updating.

NOTE: If you notice there will be a little yellow triangle stating it’s a non-initialised module. This is normal, refresh the screen and you should be good.

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