PandoraFMS: Configure Email to Send to Local Mail Server

This will guide you through setting Pandora to use an on-premise email server. If you’d like to use gmail as your relay, then follow Pandora’s setup here.

Install postfix:

apt-get install postfix

In the configuration process, I set mine to “Satellite Server” and set the FQDN of pandora to

Next, I edited the pandora_server.conf (located in /etc/pandora/) to reflect the below:

mta_address localhost 
#mta_port 25
#mta_pass mypassword
#mta_auth LOGIN
mta_from PandoraFMS <>

If you skip the mta_from option, your mail may get rejected by your local mail server since it wants a FQDN email address.

Restart Pandora and you should be good to go.


service pandora_server restart

You can test your settings by going to one of your agents that has an email alert setup and manually fire the alert.

If you haven’t configured an email alert yet, go here.

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