Sync Network Drive with OneDrive File Sync (Windows 7/8 Hack)

OneDrive does not want any part of a network drive, but you can trick it into using a mapped network drive as its primary storage by creating a Symbolic link. Here’s the quick and dirty steps:

  1. Create folder on the root of your C drive (e.g. C:\Share)
  2. Create a folder inside of that called something like OneDrive (e.g. C:\Share\OneDrive)
  3. Open up the OneDrive interface, and point it to your newly created folder.
  4. Kill OneDrive
  5. Delete the OneDrive folder inside of C:\Share
  6. Open an elevated command prompt (go to Start->Type in CMD->Right Click and Run as Admin)
  7. Now, we’ll create a symbolic link by typing in:
    mklink /d c:\Share\OneDrive \\path\to\OneDrive

    Note: if you’re using a path with spaces in it, you’ll need to encapsulate the path with quotations. Ex: “c:\my path has\spaces”

  8. Restart OneDrive application and you’re done!

If it doesn’t seem like it’s doing anything, don’t fret, mine took a couple hours before it started uploading at a rather pathetic pace. I’m at two days so far and only 2GB uploaded (my bandwith is capable of uploading ~40GB per day).

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