Pandora FMS: Install Agent on Ubuntu

  1. Drop into root account
    apt-get update && apt-get install pandorafms-agent
  2. Pandora will install from the repositories and start itself upon completion of install. We need to reconfigure it to point to our PandoraFMS server.
  3. Stop the pandora agent service
    # service pandorafms-agent stop
  4. If it gives an error, or can’t find the service, type in:
    # ls /etc/init.d/ | grep pandora
  5. Based on the output, that’s the name of the service. One of my previous installs was pandora_agent_daemon.
  6. Edit the config file to point it to your Pandora server, if not localhost:
    # nano /etc/pandorafms/pandora_agent.conf
  7. Go to the server_ip section and change it from localhost to the IP of your pandora server:
    # General Parameters
    # ==================
    server_ip       192.168.XX.XXX
  8. Restart the pandora service and you should now see it in your Agent List on the Pandora Server.
    # service pandorafms-agent start

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