Importing GPG Key Error with Autodeploy Script on CentOS

Here’s another reason to update your system fully before installing software: I was running the autodeploy script for Zenoss and it would hang on the Importing GPG Key and then fail.

After running “yum update,” and then rerunning the autodeploy script, everything went without a hitch.

Troubleshooting Slow Web Browsing with Zentyal (DNS Lookups)

I’ve been having a terrible internet browsing experience for the last couple of weeks. Web pages would take up to 5 seconds or longer to load. Today, I finally had time to sit down and fully troubleshoot the issue.

I went to scrap Zentyal but then noticed that with the new firewall, there was no improvement. Turns out, Google DNS is at fault. Zentyal simply forwards DNS queries to whatever you tell it to. After changing DNS Forwarding (under DNS-> Forwarders) to my ISP DNS servers, web pages began loading instantly once again.

Hurray! Now time for another beer.

My Experience With Ubuntu 13.10 on an Early 2013 Macbook Pro (10,2)

I’ve been having trouble finding information on compatibility between Ubuntu 13.10 and the last gen Macbook. Everything that I’ve read has either been “it works” or “it’s terrible and I hate Apple.”

So, needing (or wanting) new hardware, and having a chance to pickup a used Macbook Pro 13″ Retina for cheap, I took the plunge and…it works!

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