LibreOffice Base: Connecting to MSSQL in Linux

First, download the SQL JDBC Driver from Microsoft.

  1. Extract the JDBC drivers somewhere. There’s a series of folders and a Jar file that we’ll be getting.
  2. Once you’ve downloaded that, open LibreOffice Calc or Writer.
  3. Go to Options->AdvancedScreenshot from 2015-02-23 13:38:37
  4. Click Class Path on the right and choose Add Archive from below:Screenshot from 2015-02-23 13:38:46
  5. Navigate to your file and choose sqljdbc4.jar
  6. Restart LO and you should be ready to connect.
  7. Open LO Base
  8. Choose Connect to an Existing Database, Type is JDBCScreenshot from 2015-02-23 13:48:01
  9. In the Datasource URL:
    1. sqlserver://ipaddress:1433;databaseName=DBNAMEHERE
  10. In the JDBC Driver Class:
  11. Enter your credentials and test, you should be good to go!

SQL Join Command Resulting in Duplicate Rows

If you find your JOIN command returning duplicate values and you’ve eliminated the usual suspects, check to see if the table being joined has a primary key. I had a 4 table JOIN statement where everything was fine when I did the first 3 JOINs, but once I added the 4th table, the results started returning multiple duplicate values. It turned out that table was missing a primary key.

After adding a primary key to the table, the query began functioning as expected.